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Dove Broadcasting is more than a television station...it is a ministry that is dedicated to your community. We are a partner with WGGS TV 16, a supplier of quality programming. Visit WGGS TV at wggs16.com

Today marks the kickoff for our sponsorship of Cornett Ministries' summer camp for children in Bulgaria. Please help us support this ministry financially: any donation helps. You will be sponsoring a child from a poor village in Bulgaria to attend a Christian summer camp for a week, complete with food, music, and Biblical education. This is the only chance some of these children may have to hear the good news of Jesus Christ.

Revival of the Bible

We are partnering with Terry Tripp Ministries to support the Revival of the Bible Campaign:

from revivalofthebible.orgIn 1983, President Ronald Reagan declared over every media outlet that it was, "THE YEAR OF THE BIBLE."

I have experienced firsthand the POWER of God's Word. That is why I have a STRONG passion to join in the echoes of president Ronald Reagan, president Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, John Wycliffe (1384) William Tyndale (1523) and a host of other brave men and women who built their lives around, and gave their lives for, the WORD OF GOD.

Our goal is to take ONE-MILLION names to Congress and let them know AMERICA wants the Bible back in our schools.

First, we must have an awakening in our churches. I am embarking on a tour across America to share:


To schedule a ReViVaL oF tHe BIBLE event, call: (615) 230-7577 ext. 112. Or email: terry@terrytripp.com.

Bulgaria Project

Help support our summer Bulgarian Missions project! We are beginning our yearly fund drive to help over a thousand children from impoverished villages in Bulgaria visit a Christian summer camp for Christian education, fun, and most importantly, ministry. This is the only time some of these children ever get to leave their villages, and sometimes is the only exposure they will have to the word of God. Please find it in your heart to donate to help these precious children.

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