248583_10150268096009600_3425748_nPastor Randell and Darlene Atkins discover how three Christian writers address traumatic experiences through their works of fiction. Serita Acker of Williamston, South Carolina and Dr. Sonia Cunningham Leverette of Wellford, South Carolina reveal how the Lord led them to write short stories based on the most difficult trials they faced in their lives. Tune in tonight as they discuss the creation of the anthology, Love. Hope. Faith. Stories that Uplift, Inspire, and Enlighten. Pamela D. Rice of Boiling Springs, South Carolina explains the importance of writing about the issues that are most difficult to discuss. Tonight she reveals how she addresses the sins of infidelity, domestic violence, rape, and incest in her novels, The Sunday Morning Wife and The Monday Night Mistress, Antrina Miller of Boiling Springs, South Carolina sings throughout the evening.