Nite Line – Friday, February 5

The Millers
The Millers

Join Gwen and Wade Hall as they welcome Dr. Roger Rhodes, a marriage and family counselor from Greenville, South Carolina, for a special Valentine’s Day program. The Millers of Winchester, West Virginia sing tonight on Nite Line.

The Millers
Dr. Roger Rhoades

Appalachian Christmas

We want to thank everyone who helped make our Appalachian Christmas project a success. Time to start planning for next year!

Revival of the Bible

We are partnering with Terry Tripp Ministries to support the Revival of the Bible Campaign:


In 1983, President Ronald Reagan declared over every media outlet that it was, “THE YEAR OF THE BIBLE.”

I have experienced firsthand the POWER of God’s Word. That is why I have a STRONG passion to join in the echoes of president Ronald Reagan, president Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, John Wycliffe (1384) William Tyndale (1523) and a host of other brave men and women who built their lives around, and gave their lives for, the WORD OF GOD.

Our goal is to take ONE-MILLION names to Congress and let them know AMERICA wants the Bible back in our schools. First, we must have an awakening in our churches. I am embarking on a tour across America to share: The POWER CONTAINED IN THE WORD OF GOD … and HOW WE CAN GET IT BACK IN OUR CULTURE.